Sex Worker leaders in Uganda convene to strategize for the new normal.


Leaders from Female Sex Worker-led organizations, associations and partner agencies in Uganda convened a national-wide advisory technical zoom meeting on Friday 7th August 2021 to strategize for the rebuilding of the Sex Worker lives and movement in the new normal.

The government of Uganda adopted a total lockdown in March 2020 and July 2021 I bid to curb down the COVID-19 pandemic insurgent. The lockdowns came along with ban of public transport, inter-district movement, curfew and closure of social business such as bars, clubs and social events.

The above COVID-19 pandemic measures have had severe impact on lives of key populations especially female sex workers in Uganda. Consequently, the lockdown led to a total collapse of the Sex Worker industry, causing a huge financial crisis to the traditionally marginalized low income Sex Workers living in urban slums and rural communities of Uganda

“The places that sex workers operate from have been closed since COVID-19 was declared in Uganda, for their own safety, sex workers are avoiding working on the streets, many have been left without an income, unable to make ends meet.” Shared Ms. Sanyu Hajjarah Batte, Executive Director of Lady Mermaid Empowerment Centre, a Sex Worker rights promotion organization.

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