Sex WORK or we starve & Poverty thrive!


The International Labour Organisation estimates that Sex Workers support between five and eight other people with their earnings.

The United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) defines sex workers as, “Female, male and transgender adults aged over 18 years who sell consensual sexual services in return for cash or payment in kind, and who may sell sex formally or informally, regularly or occasionally.”

In Sex Workers’ own experience, sex work involves consent between adults to engage in the provision of sex services, ranging from physical sex services to escorting, private dancing, companionship, intimacy, stripping and nonsexual role playing for a pay or to earn a living.

Well as Sex Work in Uganda is illegal, and characterized with stigma, routine human rights violations, abuse and unfriendly working environment, it remains a source of living for hundreds of families beyond the sex service doors.

There is no doubt professional Sex Workers directly earn income from Sex Work in exchange for the services they provide. However, in the linage of sex work service provision, fashionists, bar attendants, lodge owners, landlords, curb drivers, brothel managers, bouncers to mention but a few indirectly earn from the sex service industry.

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