LAUNCHED! The Neeko Magazine by and for Sex Workers in Uganda


Amidst stereotypes and Sex Work stigma in the media and public, Sex Workers in Uganda deserves a better, free and safe space to speak for themselves. They deserve a “Neeko Magazine” by and for Sex Workers!

Launched in August 2021, the Neeko magazine complements efforts of the Neeko’s Dairy-Sex Worker led blog published by Lady Mermaid on 8th March 2021 to bridge the gap caused by negative reporting about sex work and sex workers by the mainstream media, and give Sex Workers an extra voice to challenge stigma.

The idea behind the Neeko magazine is to create a stigma free publication where sex workers can actually speak for themselves instead of being spoken about in a biased way.

The magazine will be published on a quarterly basis to highlight work done by different sex work-led organizations, activists and human rights defenders, share real life stories of sex workers and address the public and stakeholders on different issues of concern in the sex work movement.

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