I wished he just raped me!


“Many things happen in our lives on different days, we forget some while others we cannot. Though am now fine I cannot forget the date of 23rd of January 2020, I wished that police officer just raped me, maybe I would stand his manhood, but not a large baton he used on me.” Mina, Sex Worker, survivor of sexual violence.

Mina is a Primary Three school dropout Sex Worker and also a teen mother. “Due to my education level, selling sex is the only work that I can do without academic documents to support my daughter.” Mina Adds.

The 17 years old pleasure worker lives in Nansana with her daughter, whose father is an unknown client. As usual, every night Mina stands by the dark corners of the streets to wait for her clients.

This day wasn’t a good one for her, Mina delayed on street waiting for customers until at around midnight, when the LDU Police officers found her.

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