Exposed! The truth media hide you about Sex Work in the COVID era.


Sex Workers in Uganda have been devastatingly hit by COVID-19 government measures of curfew, social distancing and closure of entertainment business. The clubs, bars and lodges have been shut since march 2020, when president Museveni declared the first lockdown. The lockdown has caused tragic suffering among households of thousands of Sex Workers who solely depend on Sex Work for a living.

In efforts to seek survival, many Sex Workers continue to secretly meet clients in person in their homes, private places and a few on violence logged streets.

This has increased not only the risk of acquiring COVID virus, but also falling victims of violence and brutal arrests from security operatives enforcing curfew measures, as Ms. Nakintu, a Sex Worker Peer leader shared with the Neeko’s Diary team;

“It’s not safe on streets yet staying home without food is impossible too. We have children, you can’t explain to them, even the landlord entertains no excuse, so many Sex Workers end up going to street, which has never been dangerous before than it is now days, curfew police are very rude, its hot there.”

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