Ain’t Sex Workers Human? Raped, killed and denied justice!


“When they kill us, no evidence for Justice.” Said the dead and living Sex Workers.

Do you remember Ms. Rose? Lady Mermaid’s Sex Worker HIV Peer Educator who was murdered at LMP pub, Makindye in March 2021. What of Ms. Moreen? ,also a Sex Worker recently shot to death by security operatives at Pakalast Bar in Seeta-Mukono.

Just like dozens of other murdered Sex Workers, Rose and Moreen have not yet “Rest In Peace!” No sign of justice has been served to them, their families, Sex Worker Human Rights Defenders and HIV Prevention Peers in Uganda.

On 29th March 2021, Rose a trained HIV Peer educator and Sex Workers’ grass root human rights defender was trailed down and murdered in cold blood due to her work, her perpetrators are still unidentified.

Although the case was reported to police and filed at Katwe police post-  Case no. SD08/29/3/2021, little has been done to bring perpetuators to justice, not even a single person has been arrested for investigations.

Laid down in a pool of blood, full of stab-wounds, naked, ashamed with the throat cut into two was Rose’s body at the point when a Security Officer identified her dead. In eyes of justice institutions, all above is not evidence enough to kickstart efforts to bring perpetuators to books.

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